Hand Crafted Piano Parts

 Steve Johnsen, Master Wood Craftsman

Longtime associate and friend, Steve works with Piano Renaissance on special projects.
Custom designed piano legs lyres and benches are a specialty. This service began in the 1980s when we found the need to recreate Victorian legs for vintage Steinway pianos.  Some pianos had been “modernized” by replacing older original carved and figured legs, lyres and music desks with more modern replacement parts. Other special projects are     designed from scratch.

Recognizing the value of original parts and a desire to bring pianos back to original design and beauty, customers at Piano Renaissance have the rare opportunity to restore their pianos to original form and function.

Our custom legs, lyres, benches and racks are cut and carved by hand, not by duplication machines. Renaissance custom piano finishes complete the process. 

If interested in custom piano parts contact Piano Renaissance at 708-771-5397
or toll free: 1-877-774-2667.