Insurance LossInsurance loss professionals, homeowners and directors of institutions who experience piano damage by fire, water, smoke and soot, accident or vandalism can call Piano Renaissance for needed piano repair and restoration services. Fire loss may be the most common casualty, producing similar smoke and soot related damage--most obviously to the exterior but also commonly penetrating thoroughly to the interior of the piano. Fire damaged pianos (those damaged by smoke, water and soot) can often be fully restored at Piano Renaissance.
We offer complete piano appraisal services including piano loss evaluation. For insurance professionals a determination can be made of the piano value and the cost of repairs as compared to replacement cost. 

Piano Fire LossOur loss remediation services include:

  • Prompt pick-up and evaluation of pianos involved in a casualty loss
  • Cleaning and storage
  • Smoke and soot remediation
  • Complete restoration or refinishing of fire, smoke and soot damaged pianos

Please contact Piano Renaissance if we may be of service to you in the restoration of your fine instrument.