Piano Renaissance's Jeff Cappelli : Registered Piano Technician

Piano Technicians GuildCredential requires rigorous testing.

Posted May 11, 2006

Jeffrey Cappelli, founder and president of Piano Renaissance is a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) of the Piano Technicians Guild. Jeff is an active member of the Chicago Chapter and currently serves as Program Director and a Director of Education, as well as on the committee for the Chicago Area Central East Regional Convention Oct. 10-11, 2008.

About the Piano Technicians Guild

The PTG (www.ptg.org) is a not for profit association of piano technicians. Based in Kansas City, MO, the PTG has members throughout the USA and Canada and some members in other countries. The PTG has two major functions: to provide education for professional piano technicians and to operate an examinations program to qualify technicians as Registered Piano Technicians (RPT). PTG's educational offerings include the monthly Piano Technicians Journal, a technical magazine covering all phases of working on pianos; and conventions and seminars with institutes on technical subjects. With over 3,500 members throughout the world, PTG is an important force in the piano industry.

About the Registered Piano Technicians Program

Since piano tuning is not a licensed profession, PTG has set up voluntary standards of quality of workmanship and examinations to test for them.Three rigid examinations cover tuning, action regulation, and technical repairs, as well as knowledge of piano building and design. Only after examinees have passed these tests can they identify themselves as Registered Piano Technicians (RPT). There are some 2200 RPT members of the Piano Technicians Guild.