Joel has been part of the Piano Renaissance Staff for the past decade.  Joel’s responsibilities include shop project coordination, major and minor woodworking repairs and piano belly restoration. As a valued member of the PR staff Joel oversees pin block removal and replacement. He is an expert in full fit pinblock installation, soundboard repairs, and an experienced stringer.


Ben has been a valued member of the PR staff for over 15 years. As an expert finisher, Ben handles staining, finishing and hand rubbing of fine finishes. Ben’s expertise includes high level color matching for custom wood finishes and precise application of cabinet lacquer, custom Piano Renaissance gold plate powder finishes and our soundboard varnishing and hand rubbing procedures.


Jesus has been a member of the Piano Renaissance staff for over ten years. Expertise includes finish removal, sanding and prep of all cabinet parts for the finishing dept. Jesus is expert in soundboard finish rubbing, detail wood repairs and prep.



Ilir has broad expertise in concert piano regulation and voicing and is involved with our belly and action restoration  procedures.  Ilir demonstrates natural mechanical abilities and passion for the piano.   Ilir enjoys advanced action regulation work and seeks optimal response from touch and tone regulations.



Steve Johnsen

Steve JohnsenSteve is a valued friend and colleague who has been involved with special projects at Renaissance since the early 80’s. Steve has collaborated with owner Jeff Cappelli on such projects as custom Steinway period leg and lyre reproductions, soundboard and bridge work , major rim repairs on damaged pianos, re-veneering and custom replacement piano tops, lids, music desks and hand carved cabinet trim. Steve also has made several custom piano benches for special rebuild projects.