We Install PianoDisc

PianoDiscRCR custom installs the Pianodisc systems to most grand and some vertical pianos. Inquire for more information.

RCR can retrofit vintage and heirloom grands with the PianoDisc system.

This amazing system allows your piano to remain fully functional as a traditional instrument, while adding computerized player functionality. An extensive library of piano classics, popular, jazz, sacred music, holiday music, show tunes, digitally remastered classics are all available for playback on your PianoDisc-enabled instrument.

PianoDisc PlayerOur technicians are certified by PianoDisc to install the system. The results are excellent. The unit is installed at our shop in approx. three days. In that time the piano is meticulously regulated mechanically, fitted with the new system and tested for 24 hours. prior to re-delivery to your home.

Regulation of your piano is an important consideration because the player system is actually working the keys and action of the piano. Optimum performance will only be possible when both the piano and the PianoDisc system are regulated and installed properly. For that reason PianoDisc only allows installation by qualifed professionals like RCR.