Rebuilding Definition:

Piano rebuilding is the process of returning any suitable piano to an excellent physical and fully functional state. A Piano Renaissance rebuild involves dedication and our commitment to excellence. The rebuilding procedures practiced by craftsmen at Piano Renaissance thoroughly transform each piano to a fully restored condition. The process as described below insures a successful result exceeding some common "piano refurbish" or "piano rebuild" practices. The Renaissance piano restoration process returns each piano to original excellence as a vibrant and lyrical musical instrument. We maintain complete oversight of the entire process. All piano rebuilding, refinishing and restoration work is accomplished on site at our piano shop facility in Forest Park IL. We do not sub-contract our clients' valuable pianos for rebuilding or refinishing work.

Piano Renaissance, LLC, Piano Rebuilding in Chicago IL since 1980.
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Our Complete Restoration 10 step Rebuilding Process:

  1. Decision to go forward
  2. Transport of piano to workshop
  3. Notation and breakdown
  4. Belly repair, replacement or restoration
  5. Refinishing: finish removal, wood repairs, staining, sealing and finishing
  6. Keyboard restoration: key-bed, key frame and keys
  7. The Piano Action: replacement of hammers and wippens, regulation
  8. Final Prep: regulation review, final cabinet rub, tuning and voicing final check
  9. Return transportation and set-up
  10. Aftercare: follow-up tuning, check action regulation

Our commitment to Artisan Craftmanship by the experienced and dedicated Piano Renaissance team ensures the use of the finest, highest quality components available, to include:

  • Steinway, Abel, Renner & Ronson custom hammers and action components
  • Keytops and bushings
  • Imported tuning pins, treble wire and custom made bass strings
  • Action cloths and felts
  • Maple pin blocks
  • Finishing lacquers and stains